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Create Private SSH & VPN Account - CONTASSH.COM

Create Premium a SSH Account

Before creating a VPN or SSH Accounts, we recommend that you read the first rule in using SSH or VPN Account. Each account will be made active until 3 - 7 days and can be renewed every time.


The steps Create SSH or VPN Account:

  1. First you have to fill in a username that you want in the column "Create a Username" I suggest use a short username. So easy to remember.
  2. The second stage you must fill in the password in the field "Create a Password". Create a password that you want, so that passwords are easily remembered because it is in use to login to SSH.
  3. Make sure the Columns Username and Password already filled in, so that the error does not occur.
  4. Next step is to fill the columns the Captcha before making SSH or VPN account. Please enter a Cpatcha correctly don't get wrong.
  5. The next stage in the bottom of the form you will see a button "Create Now". You select Create Now to create a SSH or VPN Account. Wait a few seconds until the process of creating a SSH or VPN is complete.
  6. When a process makes a SSH or VPN Account is complete, then you will appear information SSH or VPN that you make like information Username, Password, Host, and Port. Please copy the SSH and VPN server information of your Account.

Note: If you create a VPN Account don't forget to download the Config on download Link.

How do I access the SSH or VPN?


Please choose a server before creating account