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What is SSH Secured Shell ?

Telnet is a protocol in the internet which is used for remote access, i.e. access a "machine" from a distance. And this machine wear NIX-based OS (linux, BSD or Unix). Telnet access on the internet identified on port 23.

Telnet is an application name or the name of the protocol that justifies the users log in to a host that is placed on the Internet, even on the go. This equipment could be used to carry out remote operations (remote login) to a computer system or placed in other locations. In this way, you will have the continued connection between your computer and your computer or waiters (servers).

Before you use telnet, you must know the name or address of the host that is about to be reached. That address can be made up of a domain name or Internet Protocol address (IP address) the host. When you log on to the remote computer via telnet, then a connection will be made and then can do the copying or retrieval of data between the two computers. Shortly there after connection, you need to enter the ID (login ID) and password. Without it, you will be asked to keep login and password.

SSH is the extension of Secure Shell is a protocol that facilitates a secure communication system between two systems using client/server architecture, as well as allowing a user to log into a remote server.

SSH is designed to replace the service-system service on unix/linux systems that use plain-text such as telnet, ftp, rlogin, rsh, rcp, etc.). To replace ftp functions can use sftp (secure ftp), whereas to replace rcp (remote copy) can be used scp (secure copy).

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